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Hello and welcome to IOT SmartData Lab’s blog.  This post is our first blog for our company.  I would like to take the opportunity to tell you a little bit about IOT SmartData Labs and then what you can expect in the blog in the coming weeks.  OK, let me tell you about IOT SmartData Labs.  IOT and M2M developers have expressed that they do not have a simple, easy, and cost efficient way to get their IOT/M2M products through the development cycle. Currently, their alternatives are limited.  Developers can to purchase ‘retail’ packages from existing cellular operators, which may have onerous termination costs, difficult activations, and provides no technical or development support.  They can also patch together various services and products to bring their product to market.  This development path is cumbersome and development engineering can expect limiting integration support to meet their end users needs.

Development Cycle Flow Chart
IOT Development Cycle Flow Chart

SmartData Lab provides a focused and compelling development option that can be initiated from Day One.   The Development Labs has been designed to meet the needs expressed by many developers and engineers.  SmartData Labs provides a simple one-stop offering for this IOT/M2M developers market in terms of product, services, testing, and activations.    Bottom line, IOT SmartData Lasb provides a focused and compelling development path that can be initiated from Day One.

Enough of the commercial.  So what can I expect from this blog. We will try and discuss frequently asked questions, industry trends, insight on some design roadblocks, and of course topics requested by the IOT community.

Some of the topics of discussion in the coming weeks from myself and other members of the IOT SmartData team include:


  • What is the Internet of Things (IOT)? Is that different from Machine to Machine (M2M)?
  • CDMA vs GSM?  What are the differences and how are they similar.
  • An overview of Wireless Technologies and where they fit in your design
  • LTE and how it will effect your designs moving forward?
  • How secure is the Internet of Things?

Finally, this blog cannot be successful without your help, I would like to hear from the IOT and M2M community.  What topics would you like us to discuss on our blog.  Please let us know.  Send your ideas and comments to blog@iotsmartlabs.com

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