Behind the scenes at the White House

Kris and POTUS

Yes, you read the title of the blog post right. IOT SmartData Labs was behind the scenes at the White House earlier this month on Tuesday, Aug. 4th. Let me explain the details. IOT SmartData Labs collaborated with BikeTrak™, to enable the BikeTrak™ M2M platform for the first ever White House Demo Day.  This support was done in advance of demonstration to President Barak Obama and numerous staff and the press. IOT Smart Labs helped BikeTrak™ activate and test new lines over a wireless network in less than 48 hours. BikeTrak’s™ product is a GPS security device for bicycles providing theft detection and activity tracking. It alerts cyclists if their bike moves unexpectedly and tracks it if stolen. The app will connect to cyclist’s social networks, post to stolen bike registries, provide speed, mileage, and calorie information, and produce reports for police and insurance.  A link for the White House Site for the first ever Demo Day and video of the event are at the end of the post.

“We needed to establish a stable platform for our White House Demo day very quickly. IOT SmartData Labs understood our needs and the critical timeline” said Kris Akins, CEO and Founder for BikeTrak™ “and their support, collaboration, and timely responsiveness enabled us to get our platform up and working quickly, reliably and in time to present at the White House.”

The challenge presented by BikeTrak™ is exactly why IOT SmartData Labs was created. We are an enabler to help customers like BikeTrak™ demonstrate the capability of the Internet of Things application in a seamless fashion. An average OEM is an experienced provider in the technology required to launch their application, but when developing IoT solutions with cellular connectivity it not that simple – but it’s where IOT SmartLabs can help.  We support our customers’ timelines to reach market quickly enabling IOT developers like BikeTrak™ to commercialize quickly.  The  task had integrate  uBlox CDMA modem(LISA C200), change to the Sprint Cellular Data Network,  and communicate with BikeTrak™ server for the White House demo.   IoT developers can enter IOT SmartData Development Lab and receive front-end engineering services. IOT SmartData Labs reduces time to market by providing customers with support in areas including CDMA hardware (module) selection, network access testing (development accounts), and assistance with certifying of the application on the Sprint network.

IOT SmartData Labs is a privately held company based in San Diego, CA.  IOT SmartData Labs’ core business is providing affordable products, services, and activations (airtime data plans) to reduce the development time for the emerging Internet of Things (IOT) and the machine-to-machine (M2M) marketplace . For more information, one can visit our web site at

About BikeTrak™
BikeTrak, Inc. is a Portland, Oregon startup developing new technology products for the Bicycle industry. BikeTrak’s debut product is in the final stages of development and is an integral part of a cyclists’ effort to reduce theft and increase the probability of recovery of stolen bikes. BikeTrak’s patent pending anti-theft technology provides alert and tracking functions in an elegant and rugged design. The app connects to bicycle registries and social media to notify the cyclists’ community of stolen bikes and produces police and insurance reports. BikeTrak™ also provides ride tracking information for performance, fitness, and safety. For more information, go to


Link to White House Demo Day